What do teachers say about Ball Up Sports?

By far the most popular club at the school! Coaches are just superb, the children love the club. It has been an instant success and has remained popular with a waiting list!

- ACS Egham International School

Just a quick message to say what a fantastic term of basketball the children have had! The coach has been brilliant - totally dependable, a great coach and please pass on my thanks to him!

Headteacher @ St Ann's Heath Junior

“It makes me wish I was 10 years old and back at school just so I could have a go myself.”

Springfield Primary

You can hear them every week! The sound of children enjoying themselves that much is just an absolute joy.

- Stamford Green Primary

“The children love the club and its popularity within the school has only grown. It is progressive and challenging but wholly engaging”

- Park Mead School

Enjoyable, fun, frenetic, skilful and value for money!

- Auriol Junior

“I have been head teacher at this school for several years and I have never seen anything quite like Ball Up. Just an incredible organisation.”

- Bisley Primary

“Thanks for a great assembly on Friday.
I'm doing an assembly, could you reply and let me know those letters on your shorts and what they stand for- Believe in What You Can Be? Or something like that? I'd like to repeat it in assembly alongside showing a clip of the Japanese rugby team! I'm not a massive rugby person but wow, that was inspirational yesterday, as was your assembly!!!
Thank you!”

- Walton on The Hill

“Exciting, challenging and structured. A huge, huge success!!”

- Cuddington Croft Primary

“How would I describe Ball Up? Fun, for definite! Incredible, inspirational, motivating, special, unique… Three words isn’t enough! You’re just amazing!”

- Longacre Prep School

“Can I just extent a huge thank you to you and your team. Since the start of the club a few months ago, it is all the children at school can talk about. Its done wonders for attitudes towards PE in school, so thank you! For your enthusiasm and energy! It never fails to amaze me, and the other teachers at school.”

- Danetree Primary

“When I walk in on a Monday and find children beating me to work, laughing, cheering, focusing and cooperating I know that I work in a great school. But we don't run the club, Ball Up do. To make the children achieve, then convince them that they did it all themselves, that's great leadership. Knowing that all children are going to relish the challenge, accept failure, cherish success, and work together is extremely reassuring. That's Ball Up!”

- Crawley Ridge Junior

“Never before have I seen a club able to engage with such a range of age and ability, with every child is gaining something positive week after week.”

- St Cuthbert's Primary

“I went to a tag rugby tournament tonight with the kids, and the parents there were saying how much the kids were loving Ball Up basketball club on a Friday, so much they have had to buy hoops for home!”

- Manorcroft Primary

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