Every player that is involved in the BUS Development Program comes through our Primary School program.
Players are taught the same skills in the same style throughout our club which means that as they come together from their various development sessions across Surrey, there is a style and way to play the “Ball Up” way.
The Development program started in September 2009 with the first ever PD session at Park Mead Primary, Cranleigh.
Since then we have seen the addition of 12 more Development sessions to the program including 5 PD Sessions in total.
The additional sessions enable us to cater for a wide range of ages and abilities within the program. The membership has grown to over 250 members aged 8 – 16, training with us up to 6hrs per week.
This has proved successful for many reasons. As children leave primary and go to different secondary schools, the area development sessions mean that children can continue learning and playing with the friends they have grown up within the BUS Primary School Program.
Ball Up Sports Development Journey
‘BUS Junior PD’ – ★ – School Years 4 – 6 – ★ – 9ft Hoops – ★ – Size 5 Molten Basketballs
‘BUS PD’ – ★ – School Years 5 – 8 – ★ – 9ft Hoops – ★ – Size 5 Molten Basketballs
‘BUS BD’ – ★ – School Years 6 – 11 – ★ – 10ft Hoops – ★ – Size 6 Molten Basketballs
‘BUS PD+’ – ★ – School Years 6 – 11 – ★ – 10ft Hoops – ★ – Size 6 Molten Basketballs
‘BUS Guard Factory’ – ★ – School Years 7 – 13 – ★ – 10ft Hoops – ★ – Size 6 & 7 Molten Basketballs

Ball Up supports players, no matter what their ability, or ultimate goal. We have a seamless program which allows children to progress from our Primary School Program to the Development Program. So whatever their goals within the sport, for example to be captain of their country, or whether they just want to make an appearance on one of our Ball Up Teams we are here to guide them.

To see more about our Development program please follow the link below where you can find out more!

Players from the program are invited to development sessions by their coaches for multiple reasons, which can include skill aptitude, athletic potential, and coach-ability. Children who display any of these attributes can be invited to attend extra sessions during the week.

The sessions we offer can be found on our Development Website, below are the age typical age ranges and sessions available:

BUS Junior PD – School Years 4 – 6 (9ft hoops / size 5 ball)
BUS PD – School Years 5 – 8 (9ft hoops / size 5 ball)
BUS PD+ - School Years 6 – 11 (10ft hoops / size 6 ball)
BUS BD – School Years 6 – 11 (10ft hoops / size 6 ball)
BUS GF – School Years 7 – 13 (10ft hoops / size 6/7 ball)

PD (Player Development)
BD (Basketball Development)
GF (Guard Factory)

The children develop a variety of basketball skills, but in the process discover more of themselves and the things they are capable of doing. To be successful at anything there needs to be a genuine passion for what you are doing. Players need to fall in love with the game themselves and build the work ethic necessary to achieve their goals.

To develop the skills needed to pursue basketball at a higher level, children need to be playing basketball around 3 or 4 sessions per week, as well as spending hours of their own time practicing the things learnt in these sessions.

Ross JamesBall Up Sports Managing Director